We offer a full line of scenarios.

Scenarios for different shooting styles.


Chaos City

The thugs and looters have taken over the city and it is your job to restore order to the community.



This is where you get to find out where you stack up with competitions and challenges with your friends and family. Be careful, these competitions have ruined a few relationships along the way!

Paper Targets

Marksmanship at its best! This is the best way to figure out where you stand on your skill development and muscle memory. There are several options to choose from.

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TI range

This is a virtual shooting range where you can design your own target scenarios and the range will run them for you.

personal protection 

Have you ever questioned your readiness or ability in a certain situation? Now is the time to find out how you would react to a car jacking, home invasion, parking lot robbery, or active shooter situation. This is the safest and most interactive way to test your concealed carry techniques.

steel targets

Do you like the reactive target world, if so you will love our steel target section. When you shoot them clean, they fall. Not to worry, you can reset them with no more effort than a squeeze of the trigger.

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wild west shootouts

The west wasn't won in a day, but if your as good as you think, it can be. You get to challenge some pretty fast fellers in this showdown of the wild west. Git yer guns partner!!!!


The world is almost gone! It is up to you and your team of exterminators to eliminate the undead! Head shots are the only thing that will bring them down. It is up to you to eliminate them and survive the night!

sci fi

Immerse yourself in the post apocalyptic situation that has risen in the city. You must save the high value individual that is trapped. Hurry, they need your assistance, but be careful not to injure the individual or it will cost you the mission!